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READ Luke 4:18 – The Lord has put His favour in us to tell the good news to the poor! What you are going through is for the Glory of God! In any situation you are in right now… is for God to Glorify Himself!
“Let the favor of the Lord our God be upon us, and establish the work of our hands…” Psalm 90:17
When God favour is upon you, you must surely succeed. Forget about what you going through. Pray for God’s favour! No matter the trials you are going through when God’s favour is upon you, you must surely succeed. Look at the case of David and even Joseph…they went through a lot…they was not the only child of their father but God favour them and use them for His Glory. Look at Mary…she was not the only virgin that time in Israel. But God favours her. Even when people are laughing at you…it is a trial! Continue to press in and remember after all you going through God favour will pull you through!
God’s favour attracts hatred. There are two spirits that governs this earth. The Spirit of God and the spirit of satan! As children of God we find comfort that we serve the Living God that never sleep nor slumber…what He said He will do…He will do for His Glory! That dream and vision He has place in your heart….that promise He made to you…He will fulfil.
I decree and declare the favour of God upon your life! You shall celebrate this season in Jesus Name! – Amen

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