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Time To Celebrate

Read: 1 Samuel 1
We read of the story of Hannah in the Book of 1 Samuel.
Hannah was a God fearing woman and both Hannah and her husband Elkanah loved God. Every year the whole family would make a long journey to the house of God to worship Him. So it would seem they were doing everything right. But for Hannah everything was not right. She was barren; she was childless. Her husband was satisfied because he had other children. But Hannah didn’t want someone else’s child she wanted her own child. Someone else’s blessing will never be the same as having your own blessing. What is your need today? In Hannah’s case it was to have her own. To make matters worse Hannah was being teased and mocked for being barren. The arrival of Peninnah (the other wife) that has a child with her husband would torment her!
She didn’t stop going to the House of God. Unlike some people today, when they receive insults they start to complain and stop going to church! There came a point when Hannah took a positive step. She stopped crying.
Hannah was desperate. Her desperation led to prayer. Prayer led to surrender and sacrifice. Surrender and Sacrifice lead to Celebration!
The same God that answered Hannah will answer you today in Jesus Name! He will give you a breakthrough that will make you forget the pain of the past! You will not have to open your mouth for others to see you blessed! The evidence will be there for everyone to see…He will shut the mouth of your enemies.

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