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📖Isaiah 43:18
📖Job 42:2
📖Isaiah 40:25
This year God will reveal Himself and His Glory for our lives this year! This year people will hear your arrival. Even the idol spirit in your family, your worse enemy is aware that they cannot stop you this year…Because this year is a year of God to manifest His Power in Greatness! 
God is speaking a new thing to you…it is your time to arise and shine! No men or women, no devil or demon can stop what God has put in place for you this year! You alone can stop that blessing and breakthrough through the wrong confessions, fear, disobedience and unforgiveness!
Look the earth, the sun and everything God created by only a spoken, look at the lilies in the field in all the beauty and splendor, they toil not a day but God take care and cloth it in its beauty. How much more of you and I that He created in His own image! Our God is an Omnipresence God…Omniscience God…who can be compare to Him. When He says yes, no men can say no! Who can stop what God has put into place? No one! This is your year of sharp, sharp blessings!
Receive your breakthrough this year in the Mighty Name of Jesus Christ – AMEN


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