Christ The Solution Ministries

About Us


Rev. Ekene B.M General Overseer of CTSM

The Church, by the grace of God, is ordained and known as
“Christ The Solution Ministries International”

By the year 1994 – 1997 when I was still in the business world, I had a calling from God to be a minister of His word, though it was confusing then, not until the year 2003 when in South Africa that the message became clearer.

As God may have it people started coming to the house because then there was no church auditorium for the congregation,
just as the Bible said in Acts 2v47b “And the Lord added to the church daily such as should be saved’
Great signs and wonders followed, for there were healing and salvation.

Then in January 2003 the ministry started as a baby, because then we were going to seek the face of God in the mountain. At the mountain by the grace or the glory of God, there were lots of deliverance for those that are in one form of bondage or the other by the devil.

The people were confessing to the glory God that most of them did not have a place of worship, some even said they have not been going to church for quiet a time now, then there was a suggestion that we should have a place of worship of our own instead of going to the mountain two times a week, the idea was that at least the congregation was suppose to worship God in a church auditorium on Sundays.

For me I thought the Ministry would have being a kind of praying band where people can come and commune with God, get their break through, go their way thanking God and being happy, but due to pressure from the congregation for us to have a place of worship, that was when the whole idea of establishing this Ministry started, though I know that nothing happens without God ordaining it , for the bible said in Matt. 16v 18 …”I will build my church and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it.”

After much persuasion from the congregation I entered for three days dry fasting and prayer without food or water, then in my prayers God gave me revelation about what name the ministry should be called. It was at this time that it became clearer to me that God actually is opening a place of worship t His glory that I will supervise.

The name God gave me in the revelation is “Christ The Solution Ministries” and that remains the name of the church till tomorrow. In November 2003, the ministry started to operate with the name Christ The Solution Ministries and that was when we moved into our own church auditorium. The word of God said in John 6v 37b “him that comes to me I will in no wise cast away.”

At the commence of the ministry all manner of people were invited and everyone is always welcome for the Lord will not cast you out no matter the situation or condition. Since then, we have been moving from strength to strength to the glory of God alone. In Christ The Solution Ministries, we are together and we love the Lord who first loved us while we were still in our sins.

Reaching out to the world, with the living words of God, in the power of the Holy Spirit for, redemption, deliverance, restoration and renewal of hope to the hopeless.

To preach the undiluted word of God to the world, ensuring that Jesus Christ rules and takes dominion in every living soul. Delivering and liberating those oppressed under the bondage of satanic forces and providing an atmosphere of dedicated worship, open to every true child of God irrespective of their denominational affiliations.