Christ The Solution Ministries

Brother ????????????

We listen to a very powerful testimony how God has physically raised our brother from the dead!
Something strange yet miraculous happen while attending a wedding ceremony of a friend.
Without any warning or explanation while entering the church – he just collapses and all life in him left. He passed out with no life in him…no breathe…no pulse! People started to pray over him…while the spirit of death was trying to grip its hold around his life and squeeze the last breath out of him….through the administering of the Morning Water by the Grace of God he came back to life!
We celebrate with him and his family for the Glory of God who breaks the grip of pre-mature death in Jesus Name!
If that is not enough…the enemy still tried to grip itself around the same family…
Their child fell into the swimming pool at the deep end. The grandfather who cannot swim but jump in and by the Grace of God miraculously safe the child! The spirit of pre-mature death was cancelled in JESUS NAME!
What an Awesome God we serve! May His Name forever be glorified in Jesus Name!